Robin’s Sausage Dog Camo

Sausage dogs are pretty special.


We’re just tricked by their innocent appearance, but in reality nothing will ever stop them, they are never intimidated, they live their lives however they please. In their minds, they are just huge.


That’s exactly like Robin’s CX racing bike: innocent looking but absolutely unstoppable.
Winner of the Columbus Choice – Bespoked 2017

It’s made of Columbus Zona tubes with Columbus MUD forks.
It also features a super special Sausage Dove logo, a flying dog tribute to Columbus’ iconic Dove.
Kitted out with Hope’s XC 29er hoops and headset, Sram Rival group set and Fizik finishing kit.
Same again, innocent looking but meanly determined.


Amazing illustrator Thomas Slater was seduced by the idea and designed an entire pack of simple yet full of character Sausage Dogs. I think he is, like Robin and I are, a little bit Sausage Dog in spirit.


The guys at Cole Coatings came up with a clever twist on your usual candy, and used the different amount of paint to bring depth to the #sausagedogcamo. 87 dogs in total, that’s 348 extra legs! If that doesn’t bring you to the finish line faster, nothing ever will.


The result – a great racing bike capable to handle entire days off road without ever loosing it’s sense of humour.



Tube set– Columbus Zona, Paragon Hooded dropouts
Fork– Columbus MUD
Headset – Hope Tech
Groupset– Sram Rival CX1
Finishing Kit – Fizik
Wheels – Hope Tech XC – Pro 4 29er – Challenge Limus tyres.


Photos – Giles Smith

Special thank you to Phil from Sausage Dog Hotel