Process. *Please note, order books are currently closed* To make bespoke bicycles available to the riders who most need them, I have to work in a slightly different way than usual.

All about the ride

What matters the most is for your bike to ride incredibly well, and for you to ride it all the time. If it's not likely to improve the feeling of the ride or the chances of you riding it, I won't do it.

Never a filed fillet

I make bikes to be ridden, not show bikes. That's why I will never file my filets. But don’t worry, I make very good looking joints straight off the torch. If I spent time smoothing out the joints, the feeling of the ride wouldn’t change. But the bike would become a ton more expensive. If it becomes a ton more expensive, you are a lot less likely to ride it very hard. And that would be a real shame.

Built in batches

Like a friendly assembly line, I build bikes in batches of 3 or 4. That allows me to be as effective as possible, whilst keeping quality up and price down. Batches take about 2 weeks to complete. Then it's off to paint.

Made and raced in the UK

By me, Adeline O'Moreau - Belgian born CX and road racer, human-centered designer, with an enthusiasm as big as my saddle height is small. When I got fed up with small off-the-shelf bikes full of compromises, I built my own. Now I'm ready to build yours.