PMA – Andrew’s road frame


When he first got in touch, Andrew was looking for a bike he could ride unapologetically for 150km at a time in the hills and mountains of the South of France.

A stable bike he could descend with confidence. One he could throw some 30s on and not shy away from the dry dirt roads. 

The design came easy based on the knowledge Andrew acquired from years of riding bikes made for him – we knew the bike would fit, all that was left was for it to ride well up and down and in all conditions.

With a very slightly longer wheelbase, coming from tiny-bit-longer stays and tiny-bit-shorter stem, Andrew feels like he can really throw the bike around and retain stability without sacrificing the speed and responsiveness.

The paint design was a really fun case of collaborative process. Andrew’s personal history and the iconic (!) Mercredi colour-block treatment came together in a bang, all topped-off by a one-time-only custom head badge and, always within eye’s reach, a little dose of Positive Mental Attitude. All expertly applied by Cole Coatings Workshop.

The frame made it to Provence and was promptly built up by Andrew and Road Art 13.

After riding it a while, Andrew says: “(…)a bike that answers every call and completely disappears beneath me. Light, stiff, and a perfect fit, it leaves me wanting for nothing.(…)”

Tube set– Columbus Spirit HSS
Fork– Columbus Futura Calliper 
Bearings – Chris King
Extras– White Industires, Silca