The next big thing for Mercredi

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It’s cyclocross racing that kick started Mercredi bikes. Since then, ten times over I’ve ran out of fingers to count all the successes of Mercredi riders. Be it between the tape or in the big ol’ open, every week someone blows my mind with what they get up to on their bikes.

Racing isn’t all of it. Truth is, it’s so little of it. Why do we insist on swinging our leg over the bike over and over, even after landing in trees and barriers and ditches and wrapped around poles and literally ridden over by the competition. Even when you don’t cover ground but the ground covers you.

For me, it’s the skills, it’s the landscapes, it’s the people and, obviously, it’s the opportunity to shout at all of you in French in a completely legitimate scenario.

They say love finds you when you least expect it. Well, in this story, love found me on the sidelines whilst blasting flemish techno out of a megaphone by a barrier. Our eyes crossed, time stopped and next thing we know, team Good Vibes Only is a go.

I cannot wait to share what we’ll be doing with this no-nonsense off-road racing team. For now though, I better get to work because there are some bikes to be made!