Adventures on the bike and in the workshop.

Who built your bike?

I wanted a fast, beautiful and well-made steel road racing bike. The story below is how I came to be a proud owner of a Mercredi. Words by Richy Poynter.   Meet...

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Grinduro 2017

There’s grit in the corners of my eyes when I wake up on  the sleeper train chair in London Euston. Actually, there’s grit everywhere. It’s like I’ve been in a fight with...

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A year in steel

  Spring – Holding up that first frame, my heart rate is through the roof. It won’t come down anytime soon. When I sign up for 3 Peaks CX, I think “If...

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3 Peaks CX

It all started to happen at the same time. The cross season finishes, I quit my job, applications for 3 Peaks open, I’m making a cross bike and we have become a...

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South Downs Way, take two.

August 2016 – Originally posted on the Brooks England blog  About a year ago, as hundreds of glittery sandals and Hawaiian shirts headed to a festival in a park behind my flat,...

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