Adventures on the bike and in the workshop.

Holly. The Hills.

This is the story of how the utilitarian DNA of Mercredi was pushed further than before. I think this is also the story of how two incredibly strong minded lasses got to build...

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CX Nationals weekend

A full autumn already in the legs, on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of January, across Europe, pros and amateurs lined up to race for their national cyclocross titles. Clare, Adeline and...

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The next big thing for Mercredi

It’s cyclocross racing that kick started Mercredi bikes. Since then, ten times over I’ve ran out of fingers to count all the successes of Mercredi riders. Be it between the tape or...

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2017 best nine

The workshop looked tidy and peaceful when I closed the door leaving for a short christmas break. Nothing like the storm of the past few days; as Tom is away, he gave...

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Who built your bike?

I wanted a fast, beautiful and well-made steel road racing bike. The story below is how I came to be a proud owner of a Mercredi. Words by Richy Poynter.   Meet...

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