Holly’s Hill Climb Fixed


Designed with the hills of the North in mind, Holly’s hill climbing fixed-gear bike is everything a custom bicycle exists for.

The bike was built around a fit from Tony Torke, with two configurations in mind: on a gradient that would be mostly around 6%, Holly could run a  80mm stem over a spacer and a setback seatpost – and for gradients around 12%, she could run a 90mm stem below the spacer and an inline post. That would allow her body position to be closer to optimum for longer, on each type of hill.

The transmission of power through the drivetrain was optimised by using hooded dropouts, machined from stainless steel by Bear Frames Supplies. To add as little material to the frame as possible, we decided for a Columbus XTR Stainless tubeset, all cut and mitered in house and then TIG welded by BTR, as well as a paint-less finish using a mixture of polished and blasted textures executed by Jack Kingston

Tube set– Columbus XCR, Columbus Futura Caliper
Forks – Columbus Futura
– Hope
Drivetrain – Easton
Finishing Kit, Wheels, Cockpit -Rider’s own.
More about the bike and it’s story: http://mercredi.co.uk/holly-the-hills/

Pictures: Stephen Smith and Chris Hargreaves.