The Infinite Chien Saucisse – Chris’ Road Bike


After having ridden his bike for a handful of months, Chris’ sent through this amazing review which speaks volumes about how him and the Infinite Chien Saucisse are getting on:

“As all good stories start, mine started with being hit by a moped. It wrote off my much loved Ritchey Logic and the following week I sent a message to Adeline to see if we could discuss a potential build. I’d been aware of Mercredi for a while, as a sausage dog owner I was inundated with shares of Robin’s Sausage Dog Camo bike! 

I had briefly dipped into the world of bespoke bikes previously but quickly got out of my depth with the amount of decisions to be made and I backed off, opting for something off-the-shelf. Upon meeting Adeline I was immediately comfortable and after the initial chat I felt ready and excited for the project to go ahead. As things progressed, she really brought me along in the process; no question was too stupid, something I really pushed to its limits.

In terms of paint and finish, Cole Coatings really blew me away; being able to go to the shop, discuss ideas and see live paint and being walked through that side of the process and then to see the finished paintwork: I’m still finding different levels of the finish today. And the gilded infinite chien saucisse is just the cherry on top.

I’m so far beyond satisfied I feel I’ve gotten away with something; that somehow this bike is much better than it should be! From the first ride, I knew that all rides are now special. We’ve got a lot planned together, this year is shaping up to be a gem and this bike has rekindled my love of cycling and the fun that you can have buzzing around on two wheels.

I didn’t want a show bike, I wanted a bike I can ride wherever, but somehow I’ve got both; and I couldn’t be happier.”

Down to the nitty gritty, the frame was built around a fit by Tony Corke, a phenomenal experience for Chris’ who’s natural position is much more flexible than most. And with clearance for 30s and added mudguard eyes, this is a bike that will see Chris through anything. 

The components are a mixture of pre-owned and new parts, at the centre of which sit a pair of golden Chris King hubs and English threaded bottom bracket. They kick started the paint ideas.

The gorgeous variegated gold leaf and purple mica paint was applied by Cole Coatings – with drop shadows hinting to traditional sign painting where the leaf is commonly used – as well as a special infinite sausage dog designed by yours truly. The sight of this long body pal, all smiles and tongue out, should keep Chris smiling even during the infamous RCC south hills sessions.

Frame– Columbus HSS, Fillet brazed
Fork– Columbus Futura Caliper
Bearings – Chris King
Groupset– SRAM eTap
Finishing Kit -Zipp, Thomson 
Wheels – Chris King, HED Ardennes

Special thanks to Erik at Chris King Precision Components for helping me get my hands on the now discontinued golden inSet7 headset.